Event Photographer | Bridal Shower

Event Photographer | Bridal Shower

A Bridal Shower is the event that marks the moment when you realize the Wedding is truly right around the corner. When your friends and family ‘shower‘ you with lots of love and gifts. These sweet moments should be captured and cherished.

I had the opportunity to capture a beautiful bridal shower last weekend. I love capturing the details of the locale and decor before the guests arrive, then I move to documenting the festivities like a photo journal. Letting the images tell the story at first glance. I concluded with portraits, making sure to get photos of the hostesses as well as the bride with friends and family. Here, I’m sharing a few images of the event.

m-bridal-shower-16 m-bridal-shower-19 m-bridal-shower-23 m-bridal-shower-27 m-bridal-shower-62

m-bridal-shower-77m-bridal-shower-131 m-bridal-shower-98


22 thoughts on “Event Photographer | Bridal Shower

  1. This photo are amazing. My husband and I used to take pictures of wedding but last year one bride makes us think of stopping being a wedding photographer. Lol. Some of the bride they go crazy.

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